Welcome to S N Sinha College

Core Values

  • Tolerance and peaceful coexistence.
  • Regard for the elderly.
  • Respect for Indian culture.
  • Respect for honesty, integrity, and cleanliness
  • Promotion of peace, harmony and brotherhood.
  • Nourish a deep faith in God.
  • Relentlessly search for truth and justice.
  • Think creatively and courageously face the challenges of life.
  • Respect other faiths and foster religious harmony.
  • Respect the rights of every individual.
  • Cherish fidelity to their duties and responsibilities.
  • Love their neighbor, irrespective of status, caste, and creed, and live in peace and harmony.
  • Set themselves free from socio-economic, religious, caste and gender prejudices and act as catalysts of social change.
  • Protect, preserve and judiciously use the resources of the earth for the welfare of all.
  • Be willing to forgive and forget the wrongs done to them.
  • Be committed to selfless service of the economically, socially, psychologically and spiritually deprived, especially women.
  • Be loyal to their country, prepare themselves to take leadership roles for the good of the country and of the society.