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Code of Ethics to Check Malpractices and Plagiarism in Research

The college is committed to producing and promoting research and scholarship of the highest quality, devoid of plagiarism of any sort and other unethical practices while trying to allow academic freedom and innovative thinking. The college instructs its teachers and students to abide by the highest standards of integrity in their conduct of academic research and/or support to academic research activities and they have to conform to the following:

  • No form of plagiarism is allowed in the college. Plagiarism may be of various kinds such as claiming another’s paper as one’s own, copying or paraphrasing substantial parts of another’s work without due acknowledgement and claiming credit for another’s research and so on.
  • Use of freely available software to catch instances of plagiarism during review. In case of the teachers/students attending/participating in any conference, permission must be sought from the Principal in writing, stating the purpose of the visit, the name and venue of the seminar/conference.
  • The college lays strong emphasis on the standard of research, original thought and expression which are ensured through multiple layers of review. We also keep our teachers and students informed of appropriate guidelines for publication in various journals, including those recognized by the UGC.